Terms & Conditions of Service (Website Management)

  1. MI. Business Services Limited will administrate and maintain your domain; website; email addresses and any other associated services as per the quoted or invoiced cost.
  1. Domain names will be registered to M.I. Business Services Ltd on the Whois register but will remain your legal property whilst your contract is held with us.
  1. All content of your website is your responsibility both legally and morally.
  1. Whilst every effort is made to ensure your website and associated content is working in good order, there may be times when services are not available for maintenance or unexpected instances which are out of our control.
  1. Your contract will renew automatically unless we receive in writing 40 days before renewal date your cancellation request.
  1. Whilst we will endeavour to notify you of renewal it is your responsibility to advise of cancellation or any changes of details including any authorised contacts.
  1. Cancellation of contract before renewal dates may or will incur administration costs or cancellation charges. Cancellation of a website or domain registered with MI Business Services Ltd may mean that the domain remains registered with MI Business Services and may result in transfer of ownership to MI Business Services Ltd unless agreed otherwise, costs of transfer will be quoted and invoiced accordingly.
  1. All websites come with free maintenance and any small design changes that are required after the initial setup and design for the first year (this service may be withdrawn if it becomes abused and additional charges will be made). We will provide training on how to update relevant areas of your website and we will administrate any updates until you are comfortable to carry out yourself; this service is complimentary and flexible; if you choose for M.I. Business Services Ltd to carry out any regular site updates that does not fall within this agreement (e.g. you require M.I. Business Services Ltd to update your news page); then this will be charged at our standard hourly rate with a minimum of one hour charge and will be rounded up to the nearest hour, we will endeavour to inform you of how long we estimate any updates to be carried out and when we estimate they will be done by; updates will not always be done on receipt but within 14 working days of the request unless agreed otherwise.
  1. Any support requests either technical or general will be dealt with as soon as physically possible and it is requested that all details are emailed to support@mibsl.co.uk in the first instance. Due to the nature of the service (domain hosting) we are unable to guarantee that your website or email hosting will not have down time that is out of our control. Responses to support questions including any investigations will generally be provided within standard office hours (Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm) any requests or support needed outside of these hours or days will be dealt with as soon as possible or on the next working day. Where MI Business Services is closed for any reason including holidays, bereavement, illness or similar we will endeavour (but cannot guarantee) to respond within 24 hours. Where internet availability is limited or unavailable due to location or factors out of our control we will endeavour (but cannot guarantee) to respond within 24 hours. Note MI Business Services Ltd use third parties for all hosting requirements.
  1. The points outlined above only fill part of these terms and conditions along with any information provided verbally, via electronic means, via invoices or quotations or outside suppliers of services or goods to M.I. Business Services Ltd.
  1. MI. Business Services Ltd will endeavour but cannot guarantee to inform you either verbally or in writing of changes to these terms and conditions or any other changes that may affect your contract with us.
  1. By accepting our quotation or invoice you accept these Terms and Conditions