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Website Design


Looking for a web presence, don’t want to spend thousands on a designer, not sure how to design a website?

Then allow M I to do it for you.  Provide us with as much as you can – a basic design idea, images you want included and any wording; then M I will do the rest. On-going consultations are provided to ensure you get the results you are looking for and you can even view the site on-line before it is launched to your web address that we can also provide. We will also supply you with free company email addresses if you use us for hosting your website. Special functions are easily incorporated into the site (e.g. payment systems, event management, photo galleries or downloads).

This service is aimed at giving you a professional looking website which is easy to maintain, at an affordable cost.

See our “Why do I need a website?”

Social Media

Do you want to set up Facebook or Twitter or another Social Media site?

So many people from individuals to big business from charities to clubs are using Social Media like Facebook and Twitter to stay in touch. At a small cost we can set these up and get them running for you. If you have a website designed or hosted by M I  we can link them to your website; so when you update your website your social media gets updated at the same time (with a link to the site content).

We can even update them for you (providing we have the content of course).